Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In My Garden

For being only 5'1" tall i tend to come out pretty tall in my photos.

This was another one of my outfits that just all fell into place on its own. I was sewing the pants earlier this morning because i had been meaning to for the longest i just never seemed to get around to doing it. In trying them on i had just pulled the blouse out of the dryer so that just went well together. The shoes i felt went the best with this look. Im absolutely in love with these shoes i had been eyeing them for the longest at my local swap meet. Then i hadn't seen them on the day i specifically went  to buy them. I was pretty devastated. Then at the very moment my boyfriend said "well they probably weren't meant for you", i spotted them out of the corner of my eye. Obviously they were meant for me.

Madonna "La isla Bonita"
If I had to choose a song that gives off the same feel as this outfit, I think this song by Madonna Does the best job.

Do you guy's ever get inspired by music when creating an outfit? if so what song?

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