Tuesday, June 26, 2012

San Franciscan Summer

So I've been back from my weekend in San Francisco, for the past two days. Needless to say, but i'll say it anyway i miss it already. But at least I have lots of awesome photos to look back on. So lets hope on the happy train and take a ride through my memories. <3

The Happy Traveler


I love the mix of old and new buildings

A couple of little things I saw on our drive to our hotels 

The View From Above

A walk around town <3

San Francisco's gloominess was absolutely perfect lighting for my photos 

The CHILLED air felt awesome.

Our hotel was built in 1907...It was awesome!!

The Ever So Classic Mirror Picture :p

Roaming the streets of San Francisco

Run on electricity. #Innovation

Friendly places and funny faces.

Streets as colorful as the people...

Souvenir Shopping

The necklace.

Silk Slippers

Oh So Candid 

View From our hotel window

Weekend wardrobe Essentials

Books Flying High 

Drinks and Good Eats.

On our way to thrift town ^.^

Goodies From Thrift Town & China Town.


San Franciscan Summer

"Overall it was 'A good mother*&%$#n Burger',"- me
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So there it is. My trip to San Francisco presented to you in a series of photos. Obviously since pictures are worth a thousand words there's no need to ramble on about how much fun i had. Its clear and plain to see. It was everything i imagined it to be and more. The people were friendly, The food was awesome and filled with variety. The skies were beautiful and blue. Just the overall atmosphere was amazing. I plan to go back next year if not sooner. So expect to see more photos of this magical place they call San Francisco.