Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fem For Fall

Dress: Forever 21  Hat: Vans  Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell  Bag: Thrifted

Feminine silhouettes in fall. Living in California, fall isn't exactly always cool breezes and falling leaves. In fact right at this moment it still feels a bit like summer. I guess it has it's upsides though. I can still wear sheer flowy dresses and not freeze my butt off. But truthfully, I can't wait till the temperature drops and I can pull out my coats & cardis. If there's one thing I love when it comes to fashion is layering. So expect some layered looks soon.

Also I included some photos of the beautiful floral tea set one of my good friend's got me for my birthday. As well as some handmade Mexican decorations I made for my bf's uncles office party. I'm an expert when it comes to craft all throughout my childhood crafting was my pass time and over the years I've perfected certain skills.