Thursday, April 26, 2012

Love Fool

Love me, love me, say that you love me.

Bleached & Cut The Sleeves Off My Denim Jacket 

Denim Vest: Thrifted $3  Red Skirt: $1 Swapmeet  Bag: 15 Cents Swapmeet  Shoes: $3 Swapmeet  Necklace: $2 Swapmeet  Tights: $1 99 cents store

So this look was inspired by all the denim vest and lace dress looks I've been seeing lately, And I'm all for contrasting girly pieces with super kick ass ones. However i did have my own take on this one. I traded the lace dress for this BRIGHT RED pleated skirt. I also featured my latest find which is my vintage gold choker necklace which I purchased for only 2 dollars, i know right! I almost felt a bit guilty for only having to pay 2 dollars for such an awesome piece of jewelry, but that guilt was quickly overcome thoughts on how i would pair it with all the pieces of clothing in my closet. Now to finish off this post right im going to include videos of my favorite music from "The Cardigans". What can i say my mom had a lot of influence on my music taste growing up.

Love Fool

My Favorite Game

Erase And Rewind

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Honey In The Sun

Just Valerie Lauren

My Closet makes for a pretty decent background <3

F.Y.I  I use that stool to reach for clothes on the upper rack in my closet.


Little Lady

Dress:$1 Swap Meet  Boots:$10 Ebay  Belt:15 Cents Swap Meet 

So for this look I kept it very simple. I love how girly the dress and belt are, the boots gives it a modern day grunge look. This dress is also featured in another look of mine "Gloomy Daze" . However i altered it quite a bit. So on another note you guys are also getting a small look at my room or should i say my life. As you may have noticed I have tons of random baby items scattered all threw it. Well that's the reality of being a mom. For those of you who might not have known that about me well now ya know. 

Camera Obscura " Honey In The Sun"

Monday, April 16, 2012

Cat Scratch Fever

Collars & HeadPieces

Dress: H&M $13  Tights: 99 Cents Store  Sequin Bag: H&M $14
Chain Headpiece: Made it from old necklace  Lita Imitations: Borrowed  

Feeling super groovy in this. This dress is the newest edition to my wardrobe. My Mom got it for me at H&M the other day. I just love that the length is absolutely perfect on me. Its extremely rare when anything thing I buy doesn't look extremely long on me. Especially being only 5'1". I paired the dress with black tights and my friends booties I wanted to look as long as possible. On another note im noticing time and time again my love of 60's fashion seems to seep through. But i can't help it, its just who i am.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Your Love Is Better Than Chocolate...

Innocence Is Sweet 

Top: $2 Swap Meet  Skirt: Was A Dress  Tights: $1 99 Cents Store  Boots: $5 Swap Meet  Bag: $2 Swap Meet  Oversized Cardigan: $4 GoodWill

Today was extremely cold and wet. The rain was pouring pretty much all day. Didn't get the chance to go out but that's absolutely no excuse not to dress up. I will dress up for even the smallest of occasions. 
Im not one for indoor photos simply because the lighting is never good enough, but these turned out pretty alright and i absolutely love the way i edited the first picture. Its so 1950's Sweet Heart.
I Don't have much more to say so 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chain, Chain , Chain.

This one has such a sixties vibe.


The Chunky Version

So i decided to create my own chain headpiece and it worked out so perfect check them out.
It was super easy made them from some broken necklaces. In fashion we must learn to Reduce, Reuse, and  Recycle.
haha but really we do.

Hippie Chic

Ready For My Close Up

Ignore the mosquito bites.
Shorts: $1 Swap Meet  Top: Dress i converted myself  Bag: Crocheted myself  Cardigan: $4 GoodWill  
Shoes: Borrowed  Necklace: Gift.

So went for a very laid back Comfortable/ Casual look. I dressed it up with wedges and of course my Multi colored Crystal Necklace. This necklace will forever be one of my favorites it just adds so much flair to ANY outfit.  I really love my take on hippie boho chic. Like i've said before i try not to over do anything. Just a simple few little accessories is all any outfit needs. Also i was just a bit inspired by D&G's Spring 2012 collection. I just love their twist on 50's style silhouettes and i love every crystallized piece of theirs. Oh and before i forget to mention. i would appreciate if you all can check out my feature in this month's NON MAGAZINE. Though it may not be a big deal to some of you it is to me. It's my first ever feature in anything for that matter. 

Below is the link check it out and let me know what you all think :]


NON MAGAZINE Global Street Style Featurette

I am oh so very excited to share this awesome news with you guys. I am featured in this months issue of  NON MAGAZINE in their Global Street Style Section. I extremely ecstatic when the magazines editor in chief Christopher Leo contacted me on lookbook. Apparently he had seen my look's on lookbook and asked if i'd be willing to be featured in their magazine. So how could i dare say no to such an amzing opportunity. I know its only a small featurette but you have to celebrate even the little things in life.

Here is the link to the magazine i hope you can all check it out!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

But Love, I Couldn't Hold It...

Lace Top: $4 Borrowed  Cut Off Shorts: $5 Borrowed  Socks: $1 99 Cents Store  Lace Up Boots: $10 Ebay

This look is so Grungy Romantic. Like a tough girl gone soft. I suppose the theme of the look suits the title fairly well then. Romance is bad when its bad but absolutely amazingly wonderful when it's good. Therefore we can't help but to wanna fall in love, regardless of the consequences. As for the first photo i think i captured the feeling of heart break quite well i must say. Now as for the shorts which i mentioned in my last post. I was not able to show off the lace detail to well in the last post, but as for this post i think justice was served. Also the lace on the shorts was actually taken from this shirt. My friend had the leftover lace from when she took in the shirt a bit. Now that's my type of recycling. Also be sure to check back for my spring look video montage My bf and i are creating. I will post it up next week.  well thats all for now.

Here's some music to set the mood.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Want Something Different...

Love the lace detail on these shorts.

Went for a bike ride with my BF. I absolutely love the floral pattern on this blouse it pops without being overly done or too bright. If some of you haven't noticed i like to tone patterns down with neutral colors. My taupe cardigan, and light suede boots i think do the job fairly well. I just love how delicate an outfit can look when the colors are picked just right. Now as for these awesome shorts. The photos do them absolutely no justice. They are so pretty and the perfect color of distressed denim, and the lace detail is to die for. They are borrowed however from my very close friend Corina (BTW she also has a lookbook and she's absolutely gorgeous i will post her link below for you guys to check out). Now as i was saying since they are borrowed its going to kill me to give them back :'( haha but anywho before i do give them back i promise to post a look in which the lace detailing is shown off much better.
well thats all for now.