Thursday, April 5, 2012

But Love, I Couldn't Hold It...

Lace Top: $4 Borrowed  Cut Off Shorts: $5 Borrowed  Socks: $1 99 Cents Store  Lace Up Boots: $10 Ebay

This look is so Grungy Romantic. Like a tough girl gone soft. I suppose the theme of the look suits the title fairly well then. Romance is bad when its bad but absolutely amazingly wonderful when it's good. Therefore we can't help but to wanna fall in love, regardless of the consequences. As for the first photo i think i captured the feeling of heart break quite well i must say. Now as for the shorts which i mentioned in my last post. I was not able to show off the lace detail to well in the last post, but as for this post i think justice was served. Also the lace on the shorts was actually taken from this shirt. My friend had the leftover lace from when she took in the shirt a bit. Now that's my type of recycling. Also be sure to check back for my spring look video montage My bf and i are creating. I will post it up next week.  well thats all for now.

Here's some music to set the mood.