Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crochet Time

Hey everyone i mentioned in a recent post that i love to crochet and here is one of my projects. An earflap beanie for my youngest sister. She absolutely adores the color pink and it suits her so well. So i of course had to get her the brightest most shocking pink i could find. Im almost about done. Im Going to post a photo of her with it. Its absolutely gorgeous i must. Also im thinking  about sometime in the future having a giveaway on my blog for a crochet piece of mine. Maybe a bag or beanie or scarf not sure yet, but what i am sure of is that it will be one of a kind.


Lana Del Rey "Born To Die"

I just love the romantic, eerie feeling this song gives off.

This quote seems to sum up the video
"Stay Beautiful, Die Young"




 Paisley Dress: Gift From Grandma    Brown Boot's: Steve Madden (Borrowed)   Silver Peace Pendant Necklace:Gift From Grandma.

So I was trying for a seventies feel with this look. Did i pull it off?? I'm really loving the way my hairs been coming out in photos lately. My grandmother was the one who gave me this dress about 3 years ago. I've never worn it not even once until today. I absolutely love it now. I hope you guys love it just as much. Also i decided when i reach about 50 subscribers i'll let you all in on what swap meet i go to.
It's Completely replaced the mall for me i pay around $1 for every item of clothing i get. I'm talking blazers, high waist shorts, dresses, sweaters, jeggings, jeans, tights, hats all name brand. I've purchased Nordstrom blouses for 50 cents because they had a barely even noticeable snag.  Dead Serious. 


The awkward moments of me realizing my camera was on record.



Cyndi Lauper "Time after time"

Culture Club "Time"

Two of my most fave songs from the 80's, and coincidentally they both have to do with time. Isn't it amazing how important and precious time is. Sometimes i'm afraid i might blink my eyes and the next thing i know i'll be thirty wondering what it was i did with my life. So until that day comes (and i hope it never does) i'll just sit back relax enjoy some music. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Hanging High

I can never seem to smile in my photos.

The Walk Down Was A Steep One, My Cardigan Flew Off.

And then i picked it up.

Shirt: 25 Cents   Skort: $1  Shoes: $1  Cardigan: $4

So my look was inspired by the 60's era, A hint of the 90's film Clueless, And the colors were drawn from the soft mellow tone of lykke li's "Hanging High". I seem to draw inspiration from a lot of different things. It's the way i work. When it comes to music i draw inspiration for colors from the feel of it, If it's eerie sounding i want dark colors, if it's happy then bright colors, and if its mellow than neutrals. My actual outfit choice inspiration is visual Movies, Photographs, Paintings, People etc. My Hair & Make-up is what's inspired by the times and my favorite is the 60's :]
As you all will soon notice i tend to get my clothes pretty cheap. Im addicted to my local swap meet they always have the best deals and the cutest things. Maybe if i get to 30 subscribers i'll post up exactly where my local swap meet is?
So if you want to find the best deals please subscribe ^.^

My LookBook.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Is That All There Is

I Love All The Pretty Colors.

Coat: Swap Meet $5    Shirt: 99 Cents Store    Shorts: Levi's $1    Necklace:old navy $8    Shoes: Dolce Vita Target $11

Peggy Lee "Is That All There Is"

My Grandmother sang this song to me once when i was about 9 , I've Remembered it ever since.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dressing Up In His Dress Shirt

"Dress Shirt Ideas"
So This vid i stumbled upon and its absolutely brilliant. Your gonna be wearing one of these styles i guarantee. 

Chick Habit


I Just Love This

The look was inspired by april march's "Chick Habit". I was listening to it this morning and i wrote about it in the previous post "Early Morning Jams" about my morning routine. Now back to what we were talking about. So I just love how the top photo has this vintage grainy feel. I wanted to capture a 60's country rock and roll look. I always however tend to put my own take on things. The Shirt is actually my boyfriend's button up. I saw a video on how to wear your boyfriend's dress shirts in different ways. It Has Really cute ideas. I've actually used most of them. The one in this post however is one of my fave's. Hmmm maybe i should post the video for you guys. Ok now anyway back to the subject. So the shirts my bf's,  the shoes were only 3 bucks, Jacket borrowed, and the glasses were 1. so all together this look was $5. Not bad if i do say so myself :].

Oh and check back for the video On boyfriends dress shirts.

Early Morning Jams

So heres what my mornings usually consist of. My make-up is usually done in the early mornings because my bf and baby sleep in and i'm just naturally an early bird so i have to find something to keep me busy if not i feel very anxious. I always have to have my cup of joe. Then i go on you tube and play the same music over and over which are the videos i posted below.
Have to start each day with a smile.

   Mexican Style Mug, I find it so Beautiful.                                                                                                                                                          

My Early Morning Music

Camera Obscura "French Navy"

I love the whole idea of this video to fall in love and travel such a beautiful part of the world. Its like a dream come true and sure they don't stay together in the end but like the old saying goes 
"'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all" 
I think that sums up the video perfectly for me.

Lily Allen "Smile"
You will all soon learn that i love lily allen with all my heart. Her music is just so straight out and fun even if its a bit vulgar at times. When i was a freshmen in high school my best friend at the time, and I were obsessed with her. Now when ever i hear one of her songs it'll always remind me of her. Along with her music i love her style she's actually what inspired me to really bring my style out. The fact that she can wear sneakers and a girly dress with all this amazing gold jewelry and earrings on a daily basis. It made me realize that i can dress however i want even if its a bit over the top for the occasion who cares!! also i was obsessed with gold hoops at the time lily just had such a big impact on me.

me below in my lily allen inspired gold hoops i was about 16 at the time.

Kate Nash "Foundations"

Another favorite song of mine. I love kate Nash as well. She has such a fun attitude, also we share something in common we love to crochet. Yes I Crochet!! I just learned how a couple of months ago from a video on youtube. I'm now obsessed with it. I've made a bag, two scarves one for my mom and the other for my little sis. I'm currently working on a blanket for my baby cousin, and a earflap beanie for my little sis. but enough about me and more about the music i listen to in the mornings.

April March "Chick Habit"

This song is just plain awesome, it just makes me wanna dress up in chelsea boots, plaid and a denim jacket. it just gives off this cool sounding vibe and feel.
hmmm perhaps my outfit of the day??

Go Sailor "Ray Of Sunshine"

The above two songs i discovered from the indie film. "But Im A Cheerleader"
I love the girly kick ass vibe of the music, and the movie is just equally as awesome. I definitely recommend it.  

Lykke li "Knocked up" (Kings of Leon cover)

This song actually made me feel slightly cool when i was prego. Idk its just a real amazing song and i love lykke li she's one of my most favorite artist's so to see her sing a song that somewhat related to the situation i was in made me feel a little less down. also me and my sister saw kings of leon in concert at the Hollywood Bowl and they played this song i was about 1 month pregnant at the time and my sister had no idea. so this song kinda holds a place in my heart i suppose.

And thats it guys. This is what my mornings consist of. I know i'm a bit scattered but thats just the way my mind runs. Now i'm off to find something to wear today. I will be posting yet another look on lookbook today so check it out.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Her Name Is Rio

"Bug Love" My Boyfriend took the above photo as well as every photo i have on lookbook.
Never Knew He Had It In Him. 
My Heels kept Digging in to the dirt throwing me off balance

I love the Sharp lines in my outfit as well as the lighting in the photo.
Outfit Inspiring Nail Polish REVLON #85 Minted

 It starting to become a habit but i seem to love every look i post more than the last. It could just be that i get a bit tired of seeing the same look. Any who so this outfit was just one inspiration after the other. The nail polish inspired the outfit, which inspired the name of the look, and has now possessed me to post the song. My Outfit just wouldn't be complete without it.

Duran Duran "Rio"

Heres a little fun fact: My Youngest Sister's Name is River Jade
River Means Rio in Spanish.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In My Garden

For being only 5'1" tall i tend to come out pretty tall in my photos.

This was another one of my outfits that just all fell into place on its own. I was sewing the pants earlier this morning because i had been meaning to for the longest i just never seemed to get around to doing it. In trying them on i had just pulled the blouse out of the dryer so that just went well together. The shoes i felt went the best with this look. Im absolutely in love with these shoes i had been eyeing them for the longest at my local swap meet. Then i hadn't seen them on the day i specifically went  to buy them. I was pretty devastated. Then at the very moment my boyfriend said "well they probably weren't meant for you", i spotted them out of the corner of my eye. Obviously they were meant for me.

Madonna "La isla Bonita"
If I had to choose a song that gives off the same feel as this outfit, I think this song by Madonna Does the best job.

Do you guy's ever get inspired by music when creating an outfit? if so what song?

Lykke li "Hanging High"

   "Back where i started at, you know im a little lost"                                        
This is one of those songs that i will never ever get tired of listening too.

Day Out



Along with these awesome finds i also scored Some Hane's brand opaque footless tights, a ten pack of hangers which my closet desperately needed. I'm so tired of having to fold clothes into my drawers because i can simply never figure out how to get those stubborn wrinkles out. 

Above are some more views of my outfit on lookbook "Keep It Simple"

And Below is a photo of one of those foundation for a better life billboard's. (quick note: those commercials always get me, i swear i can't watch one without tearing up) I  saw this on my walk back to the trolley stop.
Its A simple message which i think goes along way.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Words Of Wisdom

"To Thine Own Self Be True"- Shakespeare

Rain Took My Day Away

So woke up this morning to rain pouring. Was a nice sight to see, i haven't seen Rain in the longest.
It did however ruin my plans to take a bike ride to my 99 cents store.They sell second hand clothing and they always tend to have pretty cute clothes. It's fine though i'm sure i'll survive a day of not being thrifty.  hmmm some thrifty's ice cream sounds pretty good right now, oh well ill have to schedule that in for some other time as well. Any who so the photo's above are of what i did this morning. Stared at the ceiling, i just love the fresh clean light that IKEA paper lamp gives off. It's become a routine or should i say habit of mine to stare at my closet for long periods of time never purposely. I guess my subconscious  mind always seems to draw me there it probably want's a daily dose of inspiration.

Below is a video of Best Coast's song Boyfriend. Which is on constant replay in my head ever since my friend played it for me. I just love the feeling it gives me, it makes me wanna run around like the teenager that i wish i could be. oh well life goes on, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger right? but it sure does hurt like a B*%#$H! 

                                                                Best Coast "Boyfriend"

                                       P.S I'm enjoying the most delicious piece of beef jerky!!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Just Having A Moment

Mazzy Star "Five String Serenade"

                                                           I Love The 90's With A Passion


My Love


Catching Up


These are photos from my sixth look on lookbook "How Charming".There are so many photos taken to get the perfect one for lookbook. I always want to make sure the outfit is presented as best as it can be to the look book community, also blinking in a photo is hard to avoid when the sun is shining directly in your eyes. I also have a habit of taking "test shots" as i call them of the outfit before just to get an idea of where i want my photo taken. I though this photo had a very renaissance feel like the female version of the men from those time's . hmmm maybe i should have called the look "Joan of Arc?" oh well. I hate when a good idea comes to late.

This is from my fifth look "season of the witch" its quoted from Donavan's 1966 hit. My boyfriend is really into the 60's music era right now and im into the clothing side of it. This song was in my head during when these photos were being taken. The top photo is just the walk to the spot where the photo was taken. I didn't want to ruin my skirt scaling down the rocks so i changed when i got to the spot.

These photos are from my fourth outfit "Lady like". I love the color coordinating with this outfit. The navy blue, creme, silver button's match the silver chain of the bag, and the shoes i think just really toped off the look. They're a favorite pair of mine right now. I love the chunky heel it makes the difference between a suede fringe heel and a sixties style suede fringe heel. The coat was only 4 dollars yes i know it's absolutely unbelievable, but believe it. Im pretty good with bartering at my local swap meet and four dollars was all i had left in my wallet and i just had to have it :]


These are from my third look "boogie in the buggy". this is actually one of my most favorite outfits. It's extremely comfortable, and comfort in an outfit is a big thing for me. You can get a good view of the texas pendant necklace. The necklace i found at a yard sale and almost went into cardiac arrest when i saw it. I'm not a fan of texas or anything but this necklace was just the coolest.

These are from my second look "lovely love" i wasnt able to get a good photo for lookbook with the                                     necklace which is one of my absolute favorite pieces of the outfit.

These are from my first look on lookbook "going green"

So as you guy's will soon learn i'm a bit of a procrastinator, always have been. I try not to be but i can't help it sometimes. For my blog though i will try to be on top of things i don't want to bore anyone. In this post im going to post up more photos and views of my looks on lookbook and then i will try my best to simply just post daily so i wont have to cramp it all together like this.