Friday, January 20, 2012

Catching Up


These are photos from my sixth look on lookbook "How Charming".There are so many photos taken to get the perfect one for lookbook. I always want to make sure the outfit is presented as best as it can be to the look book community, also blinking in a photo is hard to avoid when the sun is shining directly in your eyes. I also have a habit of taking "test shots" as i call them of the outfit before just to get an idea of where i want my photo taken. I though this photo had a very renaissance feel like the female version of the men from those time's . hmmm maybe i should have called the look "Joan of Arc?" oh well. I hate when a good idea comes to late.

This is from my fifth look "season of the witch" its quoted from Donavan's 1966 hit. My boyfriend is really into the 60's music era right now and im into the clothing side of it. This song was in my head during when these photos were being taken. The top photo is just the walk to the spot where the photo was taken. I didn't want to ruin my skirt scaling down the rocks so i changed when i got to the spot.

These photos are from my fourth outfit "Lady like". I love the color coordinating with this outfit. The navy blue, creme, silver button's match the silver chain of the bag, and the shoes i think just really toped off the look. They're a favorite pair of mine right now. I love the chunky heel it makes the difference between a suede fringe heel and a sixties style suede fringe heel. The coat was only 4 dollars yes i know it's absolutely unbelievable, but believe it. Im pretty good with bartering at my local swap meet and four dollars was all i had left in my wallet and i just had to have it :]


These are from my third look "boogie in the buggy". this is actually one of my most favorite outfits. It's extremely comfortable, and comfort in an outfit is a big thing for me. You can get a good view of the texas pendant necklace. The necklace i found at a yard sale and almost went into cardiac arrest when i saw it. I'm not a fan of texas or anything but this necklace was just the coolest.

These are from my second look "lovely love" i wasnt able to get a good photo for lookbook with the                                     necklace which is one of my absolute favorite pieces of the outfit.

These are from my first look on lookbook "going green"

So as you guy's will soon learn i'm a bit of a procrastinator, always have been. I try not to be but i can't help it sometimes. For my blog though i will try to be on top of things i don't want to bore anyone. In this post im going to post up more photos and views of my looks on lookbook and then i will try my best to simply just post daily so i wont have to cramp it all together like this.

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