Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Old Boarded Houses

Sheer Blouse: Yard Sale   Levi's: Vineland Swapmeet   Mary Jane Flats: China Town, San Francisco
 Kept the look very simple. But that's what summers about simple easy outfits. Especially with this crazy cali heat. A sheer blouse, cut offs and some easy slip on shoes. Also I noticed UO had pretty much the exact same mary janes I purchased in San Francisco for $6 on their website for $15. So word of advice to those near any type of China Town, Save yourself some money and buy the real things, not the over priced copycat.

Polka Dot Midi & Red Lips

Dress Worn as Top: Thrifted   Polka Dot Midi: Target  Wedges: UO Thrifted  Denim: Thrifted   Belt: Vineland SwapMeet
Slowly easing my way into fall.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Something Like Summer...

Venice Beach Breeze

Summer of Smiles.

Oversized Sunnies For Summer

The Golden Gate

Slurpees are the best to beat the Summer heat.

Elliots first time at Cabrillo Beach

Sunken City  Bonfires

A day at the park with my BFF

Summer calls for Starbucks

The most perfect leather flats and Vintage rose tin for all my keepsakes.

My BFF Jessika running threw her lines for a school project commercial she was asked to do.

Jessika keeping fresh Outside of the Disney Orchestra Hall

Saved some baby ducks earlier this summer.
So here's a little look at my adventures this summer.
This summer was filled with some many new and exciting expierences, definitley one to remember.
And my favorite part about summer is of course My Birthday. It falls on close to the last day of summer August 30th. This year im gonna finish my summer off right with a......drum roll please.

80's Party!!
Yes an 80's theme birthday bash so except tons of awesome photos :] 

Fall Colors In The Summer

Jacket: Borrowed  Top: Gift From BFF   Bag: Vineland Swapmeet $2  Shorts: Vineland Swapmeet 50 Cents  Necklace: Vineland Swapmeet $1  Cowboy Booties:Borrowed

So this is me trying to have my cake and eat it to here. I've been anxious to jump into fall, because i absolutely love all the lovely shades, and awesome layers. But seeing as its been so hot lately, jumping into a cable knit isn't exactly what'd i'd call a good time. so with this look i simply used a typical fall color scheme but in pieces that were suited for summer. And the end result i absolutely love. The colors were spot on and really just all came together on their own, and of course i had to wear layers. I just made sure they were much lighter fabrics. If not my post would have been titled "Saunas In The Summer" lol
also gonna post up a couple of photos i took all this summer later today so be sure to check it out.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Naively Nostalgic

Oh So Young. 

                                                                         All Items Vintage
So in this look I wanted to go for a "60's  Baby Faced Naive Teen". partly influenced by the virgin suicides other worldly-ness. All the items are vintage and were purchased at Vineland Swap Meet. The dress was actually a long sleeve knee length brides maids dress, but i simply just  removed the sleeves, cut out the entire bust, and attached the lace waist to the lace shoulder part. lucky for me that im 5'1" and can still manage to make it a mini dress. It shall forever be one of my all time favorite dresses. I think the aesthetic of this look is its sweet innocence. I'm also wearing this dragon fly pendant necklace which i absolutely adore. think its so delicate and pretty. Also if you hadn't yet noticed i also shot this look with my denim and favorite leather bag. I think they make the look a bit more wearable on a casual day.
Well thats all for now i will also be posting up a new look tomorrow so be sure to check it out.

Oh and last but not least some good music to finish off this post right.

Cults "Know what i mean"