Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fall Colors In The Summer

Jacket: Borrowed  Top: Gift From BFF   Bag: Vineland Swapmeet $2  Shorts: Vineland Swapmeet 50 Cents  Necklace: Vineland Swapmeet $1  Cowboy Booties:Borrowed

So this is me trying to have my cake and eat it to here. I've been anxious to jump into fall, because i absolutely love all the lovely shades, and awesome layers. But seeing as its been so hot lately, jumping into a cable knit isn't exactly what'd i'd call a good time. so with this look i simply used a typical fall color scheme but in pieces that were suited for summer. And the end result i absolutely love. The colors were spot on and really just all came together on their own, and of course i had to wear layers. I just made sure they were much lighter fabrics. If not my post would have been titled "Saunas In The Summer" lol
also gonna post up a couple of photos i took all this summer later today so be sure to check it out.

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