Sunday, August 26, 2012

Something Like Summer...

Venice Beach Breeze

Summer of Smiles.

Oversized Sunnies For Summer

The Golden Gate

Slurpees are the best to beat the Summer heat.

Elliots first time at Cabrillo Beach

Sunken City  Bonfires

A day at the park with my BFF

Summer calls for Starbucks

The most perfect leather flats and Vintage rose tin for all my keepsakes.

My BFF Jessika running threw her lines for a school project commercial she was asked to do.

Jessika keeping fresh Outside of the Disney Orchestra Hall

Saved some baby ducks earlier this summer.
So here's a little look at my adventures this summer.
This summer was filled with some many new and exciting expierences, definitley one to remember.
And my favorite part about summer is of course My Birthday. It falls on close to the last day of summer August 30th. This year im gonna finish my summer off right with a......drum roll please.

80's Party!!
Yes an 80's theme birthday bash so except tons of awesome photos :] 

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