Monday, February 27, 2012

25 Ways to wear a scarf

This video is actually pretty cool. There's so many ways i would never have thought to wear a scarf.
Enjoy I know you'll love it.

25 Ways To Wear A Scarf

Throw Back

So for a really long while this was one of my favorite songs
it Lily Allens cover of The Kooks "Naive".

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Closet

A photo of my crammed closet in the blue containers are clothes that no longer fit into my dresser!
also my new clothing rack which i absolutely love!!!

lovin this coat.

Scored the awesome brown wedges for 10 bucks at savers and the brown boots for 5 at  the swapmeet.

So as some of you may have already noticed i have not posted any new looks to lookbook. It is because i lost my camera :/ which explains the quality of these photos which i took with a phone. I was absolutely devastated when i realized my camera was missing, there has been just so much going on with me lately. I've been a little off this past week. I hope to get a new camera by the end of the month. I have so much awesome new clothes to share with you all. like the Sherlock homes style coat i scored for $3.50 at savers ^.^ but on the bright side i at least was able to purchase this clothing rack which i had been wanting for the longest my closet was just too crowded. Well i hope you guys enjoy these photos of my closet and i promise too post a look soon even if it has to be with a low quality camera for now.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Way I See Things

How I See Myself


A Short Video Of The Trip 

This hamburger mural was just to bad ass.

No I Dropped My Bun!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Sky was absolutely gorgeous when the sprinkling stopped

The sun may have been out but it was still very breezy
Zebra Stripes gum and they're super awesome stick on tattoos!!

The 99 Cents Store

This Photo will be the inspiration for an upcoming look.

Out For Dinner

Family Photo.

Trying to get him to look at the camera...never happened.

The Naked Mermaid haha

My Boyfriends Grandparents they're absolutely awesome in every which way.

Loved the lighting above this photo

Enjoying His Crackers

Behaving like a little gentlemen.


So the first set of photos are from two days ago. i know i know like i said i'm a procrastinator sometimes. I try not to be but you know the saying "old habits die hard". So that day it was suppose to rain, and it didn't. Thank gosh! It did however sprinkle a little here and there. We stopped by the Mc Donalds near my grandma's house. The actual reason for us being out that day was because my grandmother's computer needed some fixing. My bf is a wiz at fixing computers so of course she called on him for help. On the way back home we stopped at this burger place cause i could not pass up the opportunity for a photo op in front of a giant hamburger mural. We also stopped by the local 99 cents store for some refreshments. It was a long bike ride ya' know. Finished off with a couple photos in front of our city hall. I just thought the flowers matched extremely well with the ones on my blouse ( which i borrowed from my close friend). Now for the second set of photos. These were actually from sunday. My bf's grandparents invited us out for some good old mexican food. We enjoyed trays of oysters which i love!!! and i had myself a "Burrito Mojado" which is spanish for "wet burrito". What it is, is a burrito covered in salsa and melted cheese. I absolutely love them with a passion. It's one of my most favorite meals. The baby had his little bowl of spanish rice and crackers. He absolutely loves going out , and he's so well behaved when we do. Which just makes taking him out a pleasure. 
Thats all for now. I promise to post up a new look and blog post ASAP. I would have done it today but its thunder storming :/

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Papayas In The Winter

Location, location, location.
Hype On Look Book


Lovin These Cords

Hat And Bracelet Total: $1.25 :O

Flowers For Thought

Floppy Sun Hat: $1  Floral Blouse: Free    Juicy Corduroys: 50 Cents   Bass Leather Sandals :$5

Took the baby out for a walk today. Picked up some brownie mix from cvs. Stopped and took photos in front of this awesome colored garage. My look was summer in the seventies inspired. Which is actually pretty ironic since were in winter. However it is not as ironic as the looks title. "papayas in the winter " thats an inside joke. I would let you in on it but then it wouldn't be an insider anymore :/ So instead lets talk about things that are fun even after everyone knows them. For example these juicy couture cord's which i mentioned in an earlier post. Yes its hard to believe they were only 50 cents but its true :] My local swap meet does wondrous things for my wardrobe. So hope you guys enjoyed this look.
ttyl <3

Mazzy Star "Fade Into You"

To not love this song is to be seriously disturbed.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Early Bird

"Early Bird Gets The Worm"

"Birds Eye View"
My bf ron made me hahaha

Chocolates & Tampons = "Period Central"

The swap meet always has tons of knick knacks and little trinkets to search through
Piles of clothes, toys,  and anything else you can imagine.

awesome furniture you can start a DIY project with :] hmmm perhaps i'll take my own advice and do the same.

Boxes full of wonder

a little something for your cell's

They always have really awesome vintage bikes prices range from $40-$100

Weave? lol


Shoes for you and your bear.

yes can you believe it a world where 25 cents signs exist

Rows and rows of the most random things (lol at the porcelian dog in the middle lower part of the pic)

"come fly with me lets fly away"

Vintage radios

Friendly Faces

50 cent clothing!!!

Cheap Shoes
Plaid with Potential

Tiny chelsea boots :]

Tooth Powder?

More Bikes

Fun with the xylophone 

Zippers zippers and more zippers

"Buttons & Beyond"


Bikes & Boots

Make Up

Coat: Swap meet $5  Scarf: Swap meet $3  Tights: 99 cents store  Boots: Savers $3

So this was actually from two days ago. I woke up extremely early and figured the best way to spend my time was at my local swap meet. As some of you may have noticed i get a lot of my clothes here. I absolutely love it because i get to score really great name brands at prices that are totally unbelievable. On this particular trip i scored a pair of juicy couture corduroys for 50 cents!!! The key to shopping here is to do your part and dig. A lot of the times things are not always what meets the eye. Like who would have thought underneath all those faded work t-shirts and oversized slacks were a pair of juicy cord's. Along with that i scored a pair of gray Gap cord's, floppy hat, Floral maxi skirt, red knit sweater, black belt, scarf, two button up's, and a pair of John lennon circle shades for only $5.50. Im telling you guys its absolutely amazing.