Wednesday, February 15, 2012


A Short Video Of The Trip 

This hamburger mural was just to bad ass.

No I Dropped My Bun!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Sky was absolutely gorgeous when the sprinkling stopped

The sun may have been out but it was still very breezy
Zebra Stripes gum and they're super awesome stick on tattoos!!

The 99 Cents Store

This Photo will be the inspiration for an upcoming look.

Out For Dinner

Family Photo.

Trying to get him to look at the camera...never happened.

The Naked Mermaid haha

My Boyfriends Grandparents they're absolutely awesome in every which way.

Loved the lighting above this photo

Enjoying His Crackers

Behaving like a little gentlemen.


So the first set of photos are from two days ago. i know i know like i said i'm a procrastinator sometimes. I try not to be but you know the saying "old habits die hard". So that day it was suppose to rain, and it didn't. Thank gosh! It did however sprinkle a little here and there. We stopped by the Mc Donalds near my grandma's house. The actual reason for us being out that day was because my grandmother's computer needed some fixing. My bf is a wiz at fixing computers so of course she called on him for help. On the way back home we stopped at this burger place cause i could not pass up the opportunity for a photo op in front of a giant hamburger mural. We also stopped by the local 99 cents store for some refreshments. It was a long bike ride ya' know. Finished off with a couple photos in front of our city hall. I just thought the flowers matched extremely well with the ones on my blouse ( which i borrowed from my close friend). Now for the second set of photos. These were actually from sunday. My bf's grandparents invited us out for some good old mexican food. We enjoyed trays of oysters which i love!!! and i had myself a "Burrito Mojado" which is spanish for "wet burrito". What it is, is a burrito covered in salsa and melted cheese. I absolutely love them with a passion. It's one of my most favorite meals. The baby had his little bowl of spanish rice and crackers. He absolutely loves going out , and he's so well behaved when we do. Which just makes taking him out a pleasure. 
Thats all for now. I promise to post up a new look and blog post ASAP. I would have done it today but its thunder storming :/


  1. That hamburger mural is awesome. I like your style oooh and burritos mojados too.