Thursday, February 9, 2012

Papayas In The Winter

Location, location, location.
Hype On Look Book


Lovin These Cords

Hat And Bracelet Total: $1.25 :O

Flowers For Thought

Floppy Sun Hat: $1  Floral Blouse: Free    Juicy Corduroys: 50 Cents   Bass Leather Sandals :$5

Took the baby out for a walk today. Picked up some brownie mix from cvs. Stopped and took photos in front of this awesome colored garage. My look was summer in the seventies inspired. Which is actually pretty ironic since were in winter. However it is not as ironic as the looks title. "papayas in the winter " thats an inside joke. I would let you in on it but then it wouldn't be an insider anymore :/ So instead lets talk about things that are fun even after everyone knows them. For example these juicy couture cord's which i mentioned in an earlier post. Yes its hard to believe they were only 50 cents but its true :] My local swap meet does wondrous things for my wardrobe. So hope you guys enjoyed this look.
ttyl <3