Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Early Bird

"Early Bird Gets The Worm"

"Birds Eye View"
My bf ron made me hahaha

Chocolates & Tampons = "Period Central"

The swap meet always has tons of knick knacks and little trinkets to search through
Piles of clothes, toys,  and anything else you can imagine.

awesome furniture you can start a DIY project with :] hmmm perhaps i'll take my own advice and do the same.

Boxes full of wonder

a little something for your cell's

They always have really awesome vintage bikes prices range from $40-$100

Weave? lol


Shoes for you and your bear.

yes can you believe it a world where 25 cents signs exist

Rows and rows of the most random things (lol at the porcelian dog in the middle lower part of the pic)

"come fly with me lets fly away"

Vintage radios

Friendly Faces

50 cent clothing!!!

Cheap Shoes
Plaid with Potential

Tiny chelsea boots :]

Tooth Powder?

More Bikes

Fun with the xylophone 

Zippers zippers and more zippers

"Buttons & Beyond"


Bikes & Boots

Make Up

Coat: Swap meet $5  Scarf: Swap meet $3  Tights: 99 cents store  Boots: Savers $3

So this was actually from two days ago. I woke up extremely early and figured the best way to spend my time was at my local swap meet. As some of you may have noticed i get a lot of my clothes here. I absolutely love it because i get to score really great name brands at prices that are totally unbelievable. On this particular trip i scored a pair of juicy couture corduroys for 50 cents!!! The key to shopping here is to do your part and dig. A lot of the times things are not always what meets the eye. Like who would have thought underneath all those faded work t-shirts and oversized slacks were a pair of juicy cord's. Along with that i scored a pair of gray Gap cord's, floppy hat, Floral maxi skirt, red knit sweater, black belt, scarf, two button up's, and a pair of John lennon circle shades for only $5.50. Im telling you guys its absolutely amazing.


  1. Love your blog. When are you going to tell us where this magical swap meet is?! haha

    1. thank you!!! and im planning on spilling the secret when i reach 100 or at least 50 subscribers. Its Gonna be good :] stick around for it ^.^

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