Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Closet

A photo of my crammed closet in the blue containers are clothes that no longer fit into my dresser!
also my new clothing rack which i absolutely love!!!

lovin this coat.

Scored the awesome brown wedges for 10 bucks at savers and the brown boots for 5 at  the swapmeet.

So as some of you may have already noticed i have not posted any new looks to lookbook. It is because i lost my camera :/ which explains the quality of these photos which i took with a phone. I was absolutely devastated when i realized my camera was missing, there has been just so much going on with me lately. I've been a little off this past week. I hope to get a new camera by the end of the month. I have so much awesome new clothes to share with you all. like the Sherlock homes style coat i scored for $3.50 at savers ^.^ but on the bright side i at least was able to purchase this clothing rack which i had been wanting for the longest my closet was just too crowded. Well i hope you guys enjoy these photos of my closet and i promise too post a look soon even if it has to be with a low quality camera for now.


  1. I envy you for having a closet! My wardrobe is too small :P Can't wait to see your new clothes! :) x

    1. why thank you so much :]
      closet racks are always a good alternative if you don't have a closet.
      and yes i will be posting some looks up pretty soon so check em out on lookbook ^.^

  2. The closet rack looks really good, I should get one!xx

    1. you really should they're really handy and they look cute in rooms :]