Monday, January 30, 2012

Hanging High

I can never seem to smile in my photos.

The Walk Down Was A Steep One, My Cardigan Flew Off.

And then i picked it up.

Shirt: 25 Cents   Skort: $1  Shoes: $1  Cardigan: $4

So my look was inspired by the 60's era, A hint of the 90's film Clueless, And the colors were drawn from the soft mellow tone of lykke li's "Hanging High". I seem to draw inspiration from a lot of different things. It's the way i work. When it comes to music i draw inspiration for colors from the feel of it, If it's eerie sounding i want dark colors, if it's happy then bright colors, and if its mellow than neutrals. My actual outfit choice inspiration is visual Movies, Photographs, Paintings, People etc. My Hair & Make-up is what's inspired by the times and my favorite is the 60's :]
As you all will soon notice i tend to get my clothes pretty cheap. Im addicted to my local swap meet they always have the best deals and the cutest things. Maybe if i get to 30 subscribers i'll post up exactly where my local swap meet is?
So if you want to find the best deals please subscribe ^.^

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  1. You're gorgoeus! I love your outfit! It's so stylish and girly!