Sunday, January 29, 2012

Is That All There Is

I Love All The Pretty Colors.

Coat: Swap Meet $5    Shirt: 99 Cents Store    Shorts: Levi's $1    Necklace:old navy $8    Shoes: Dolce Vita Target $11

Peggy Lee "Is That All There Is"

My Grandmother sang this song to me once when i was about 9 , I've Remembered it ever since.


  1. oh yay you have a blog, i was looking at your lookbook, your style is so unique and wonderful i like it a lot! this look is great, i really love the coat! you got such incredible deals on this whole outfit, your my kind of shopper, i shop the same way! hahaa :) and your shorts are perfect, did you make the yourself out of old levi's or buy them that way? i like them!

  2. Thanks!!! yeah i'm a real big bargain shopper :] and the shorts i made them myself they were kids levi's when i bought them :]

  3. Nice outfit, I´m following you now :)