Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chick Habit


I Just Love This

The look was inspired by april march's "Chick Habit". I was listening to it this morning and i wrote about it in the previous post "Early Morning Jams" about my morning routine. Now back to what we were talking about. So I just love how the top photo has this vintage grainy feel. I wanted to capture a 60's country rock and roll look. I always however tend to put my own take on things. The Shirt is actually my boyfriend's button up. I saw a video on how to wear your boyfriend's dress shirts in different ways. It Has Really cute ideas. I've actually used most of them. The one in this post however is one of my fave's. Hmmm maybe i should post the video for you guys. Ok now anyway back to the subject. So the shirts my bf's,  the shoes were only 3 bucks, Jacket borrowed, and the glasses were 1. so all together this look was $5. Not bad if i do say so myself :].

Oh and check back for the video On boyfriends dress shirts.

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  1. aw you did it like the video it looks soooo adorable! im gonna have to try this out :)