Thursday, January 26, 2012

Early Morning Jams

So heres what my mornings usually consist of. My make-up is usually done in the early mornings because my bf and baby sleep in and i'm just naturally an early bird so i have to find something to keep me busy if not i feel very anxious. I always have to have my cup of joe. Then i go on you tube and play the same music over and over which are the videos i posted below.
Have to start each day with a smile.

   Mexican Style Mug, I find it so Beautiful.                                                                                                                                                          

My Early Morning Music

Camera Obscura "French Navy"

I love the whole idea of this video to fall in love and travel such a beautiful part of the world. Its like a dream come true and sure they don't stay together in the end but like the old saying goes 
"'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all" 
I think that sums up the video perfectly for me.

Lily Allen "Smile"
You will all soon learn that i love lily allen with all my heart. Her music is just so straight out and fun even if its a bit vulgar at times. When i was a freshmen in high school my best friend at the time, and I were obsessed with her. Now when ever i hear one of her songs it'll always remind me of her. Along with her music i love her style she's actually what inspired me to really bring my style out. The fact that she can wear sneakers and a girly dress with all this amazing gold jewelry and earrings on a daily basis. It made me realize that i can dress however i want even if its a bit over the top for the occasion who cares!! also i was obsessed with gold hoops at the time lily just had such a big impact on me.

me below in my lily allen inspired gold hoops i was about 16 at the time.

Kate Nash "Foundations"

Another favorite song of mine. I love kate Nash as well. She has such a fun attitude, also we share something in common we love to crochet. Yes I Crochet!! I just learned how a couple of months ago from a video on youtube. I'm now obsessed with it. I've made a bag, two scarves one for my mom and the other for my little sis. I'm currently working on a blanket for my baby cousin, and a earflap beanie for my little sis. but enough about me and more about the music i listen to in the mornings.

April March "Chick Habit"

This song is just plain awesome, it just makes me wanna dress up in chelsea boots, plaid and a denim jacket. it just gives off this cool sounding vibe and feel.
hmmm perhaps my outfit of the day??

Go Sailor "Ray Of Sunshine"

The above two songs i discovered from the indie film. "But Im A Cheerleader"
I love the girly kick ass vibe of the music, and the movie is just equally as awesome. I definitely recommend it.  

Lykke li "Knocked up" (Kings of Leon cover)

This song actually made me feel slightly cool when i was prego. Idk its just a real amazing song and i love lykke li she's one of my most favorite artist's so to see her sing a song that somewhat related to the situation i was in made me feel a little less down. also me and my sister saw kings of leon in concert at the Hollywood Bowl and they played this song i was about 1 month pregnant at the time and my sister had no idea. so this song kinda holds a place in my heart i suppose.

And thats it guys. This is what my mornings consist of. I know i'm a bit scattered but thats just the way my mind runs. Now i'm off to find something to wear today. I will be posting yet another look on lookbook today so check it out.

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