Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rain Took My Day Away

So woke up this morning to rain pouring. Was a nice sight to see, i haven't seen Rain in the longest.
It did however ruin my plans to take a bike ride to my 99 cents store.They sell second hand clothing and they always tend to have pretty cute clothes. It's fine though i'm sure i'll survive a day of not being thrifty.  hmmm some thrifty's ice cream sounds pretty good right now, oh well ill have to schedule that in for some other time as well. Any who so the photo's above are of what i did this morning. Stared at the ceiling, i just love the fresh clean light that IKEA paper lamp gives off. It's become a routine or should i say habit of mine to stare at my closet for long periods of time never purposely. I guess my subconscious  mind always seems to draw me there it probably want's a daily dose of inspiration.

Below is a video of Best Coast's song Boyfriend. Which is on constant replay in my head ever since my friend played it for me. I just love the feeling it gives me, it makes me wanna run around like the teenager that i wish i could be. oh well life goes on, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger right? but it sure does hurt like a B*%#$H! 

                                                                Best Coast "Boyfriend"

                                       P.S I'm enjoying the most delicious piece of beef jerky!!!

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