Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Honey In The Sun

Just Valerie Lauren

My Closet makes for a pretty decent background <3

F.Y.I  I use that stool to reach for clothes on the upper rack in my closet.


Little Lady

Dress:$1 Swap Meet  Boots:$10 Ebay  Belt:15 Cents Swap Meet 

So for this look I kept it very simple. I love how girly the dress and belt are, the boots gives it a modern day grunge look. This dress is also featured in another look of mine "Gloomy Daze" . However i altered it quite a bit. So on another note you guys are also getting a small look at my room or should i say my life. As you may have noticed I have tons of random baby items scattered all threw it. Well that's the reality of being a mom. For those of you who might not have known that about me well now ya know. 

Camera Obscura " Honey In The Sun"