Thursday, April 26, 2012

Love Fool

Love me, love me, say that you love me.

Bleached & Cut The Sleeves Off My Denim Jacket 

Denim Vest: Thrifted $3  Red Skirt: $1 Swapmeet  Bag: 15 Cents Swapmeet  Shoes: $3 Swapmeet  Necklace: $2 Swapmeet  Tights: $1 99 cents store

So this look was inspired by all the denim vest and lace dress looks I've been seeing lately, And I'm all for contrasting girly pieces with super kick ass ones. However i did have my own take on this one. I traded the lace dress for this BRIGHT RED pleated skirt. I also featured my latest find which is my vintage gold choker necklace which I purchased for only 2 dollars, i know right! I almost felt a bit guilty for only having to pay 2 dollars for such an awesome piece of jewelry, but that guilt was quickly overcome thoughts on how i would pair it with all the pieces of clothing in my closet. Now to finish off this post right im going to include videos of my favorite music from "The Cardigans". What can i say my mom had a lot of influence on my music taste growing up.

Love Fool

My Favorite Game

Erase And Rewind


  1. lovely outfit , how the hell do you get your stuff so cheap!? <3

    1. haha the question everyone's been dying to ask lol :]
      well i'm a major bargain shopper so at thrift stores i try not to pay for more than a couple of bucks for a piece of clothin, also i pay attention to sales and join clubs like Savers has special discounts for club members. However a majority of my clothes I purchase at my local swap meet they always have piles of random clothing and I've trained myself to sift through piles like a pro also i pay attention to the clothing that's visible if i see some vintage or cool looking pieces than the pile or rack whatever is worth sifting through. :]

  2. Nice outfit, I love the vest :)