Thursday, May 17, 2012

Light As A Feather Stiff As A Board

Fashionable Mommy

So here it is once again my inner 90's child coming out. I can't help it my mom was a teenager at the time , and a fashionable one in every sense. So i guess you can say she had a big influence on me. However that does not mean we agree when it comes to everything. I have my own take on everything she just put down the foundation on which i built my tastes upon. But i must admit its a pretty fashionable one. now as for my look i kept the accessories very simple and versatile, you can simply change up the dress to any little one your heart desires and the accessories will compliment it perfectly. I kept the denim and leathers in very neutral tones for this particular reason. denim especially in the summer season coming up suits all prints perfectly and the leathers are very versatile colors.