Thursday, April 16, 2015

Old Film

Dress: Forever 21  Cardigan: Forever 21   Boots: Target   Socks: Target

Wearing my most favorite sheer baby doll dress with a cute classic cardigan, knitted socks, and ankle boots. I'm really liking the way the edit on these photos came out. The first especially, It has that grainy old film look. I feel like it's a clip right out of a super 8 film. I know it may not do much to show the details in my outfit. but I can appreciate the photos as a whole rather than just a couple shots of some clothes. It just makes blogging more fun when I can present myself the way I wish to be presented, rather than following the instructions step by step right out of the "how to be a better blogger handbook". No, but seriously I feel like in order to make a blog that I myself can appreciate then I have to appreciate myself and my ideas.

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