Thursday, June 11, 2015

Dresslink Wish List

So as you all may have already read I am currently collaborating with Dresslink. I received an email a week or two ago asking if I was willing to review a couple of their products. I agreed and as a little extra I decided I would do a Wish List of a couple of their items I  currently have my eyes on. Now of course these are only a few of their items I have fallen in love with. They have thousands more to choose from but I don't think it'd be possible to fit them all into this post. Trust me you all should seriously take a look at their site it is AMAZING!! Also I have a banner of theirs posted on my blog by my about me with a code for 10% off their site. So please you guys click away. And above each photo are the item names which are also links to these specific items if you guys do decide to take a look. 
Now the first item I posted is a cotton backless polka dot dress. I think it is just really adorable and so simple and cute. plus you can never go wrong with polka dots. They are timeless and this dress is as well.  Next is the cutest bathing suit I can honestly say I've laid my eyes on in quite a long time. I love that it has a high waist which flatters all body shapes. It also gives the bathing suit a retro feel. I'd definitely pair it with a pair of high top converse and some cool wayfarer shades for a edgy girly tom boy look. The heart shaped aviators are just plain awesome by default. They are literally the Fem version of cool guy shades and I love the way they reflect and come in cool metallic shades. They would be just perfect for the upcoming summer sun that is about to hit us in California. Now the last item you all may think is completely out of place, but I just had to post it. I mean I for one have yet to see a Denim Parka and since the weather in California is ever changing then it really wouldn't be so strange to have an awesome jacket like this handy. So this is my wish list and I hope you all love my picks. If you guys go ahead and check out Dresslink you will not be disappointed. They not only carry some of the latest fashion and trends but all if not every item is priced under the $10 range. YES believe it  there really does exist a site where you can get awesome clothing pieces at far more than awesome prices.


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