Friday, March 30, 2012

Hot Springs

Button Up: 50 Cents Swap Meet  Floral Leggings: 50 Cents Swap Meet  Bag: $2 Savers  Wedges: $10 Savers

Today went for a casual spring look. This outfit is super just wake up and throw on. These Abercrombie & Fitch leggings are the best. The have awesome stretch and they feel thick while still feeling super soft. I don't know if i'd pay retail, but for 50 cents i couldn't say no. I tried to play down the floral pattern and went for a simple white button up and neutral toned bag and shoes.
I love how it turned out.

P.S  I've been given the opportunity to come out in an online magazine in spanish. I'm going to be featured in their street style section for spring/summer looks. The issue is out April 10th. I'll post up the page once it's out. So stay posted guys.