Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Is For Smiles

This by far is one of my most favorite photos ever taken.

spring trending down to a science.

Top: dress converted to top  Skirt: 25 Cents SwapMeet  Bag: 50 Cents SwapMeet  Glasses: $1 SwapMeet  Scarf: 50 Cents SwapMeet  Shoes: $5 SwapMeet
(yes all of thee swap meet items were purchased from the same swap meet)

Like i've said before, I think i'm starting to begin a habit of liking every look more than the last.
This look all came together quite beautifully. I love how my look matches the bush of flowers.
These photos were taken in front of what seems to be an abandoned home. It really is a beautiful home if someone were to bring it back to life. However until that day comes i will solely use it for the purpose of photo shoots. Also i'm not sure if any of you noticed i'm actually smiling in the first photo. Yes i know!! I never thought the day would come either but it has and perhaps you'll see it more often. Now about my outfit i van't get over the fact that this amazing mustard skirt was only a quarter!!! a freakin quarter!! As unbelievable as it is you better believe it. I am the queen of bargain shopping, And from this day forward i vow to never shame my name!!! 

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