Monday, March 19, 2012

It's Spring In '65

Love The Colors

Made For Walking.
Love The Contrast.
Sun In My Eyes.

Floral Leggings: 50 cents SwapMeet  Suede Fringe Heels: $10 Thrift  Pink Sweater: Forever 21 (its like 5 years old.)  Blouse: 20 cents SwapMeet

It was a windy spring day. My floral leggings are my latest Steal. They're brand new Abecrombie & Fitch leggings for only 50 Cents at my Swap Meet.  The rest of my outfit were pieces i've had for the longest. If you haven't all noticed i love the times. Most of my outfits are some decade inspired. I guess i've always just been old fashioned. So this is one of my most favorite outfits this spring. It is so comfortable and yet so stylish. Which is the ultimate in a perfect outfit for me. This spring i think over the top floral prints are a must i have a couple more on the way so please subscribe!!!!!


  1. woww beautiful pictures!! love it!!come visit my blog and i think we should follow each other!

  2. Nice pants :)