Saturday, March 31, 2012

Oh Sadness Im Your Girl...

Skirt: $1 Swap Meet  Sweater: 50 Cents Swap Meet  Shoes: $10 Savers  Bag: $2 Savers  Coat: Gift 

Today was a very gloomy day. So my look was a bit on the softer side. I love the monotone color palette i used. They all just go together so effortlessly.  I also have to gush over how amazing my new silk maxi skirt is. I absolutely love it and it only cost me a dollar. I know right? its hard to believe that a 100% pure silk skirt can go for just a single dollar. But its true!! I've come to the conclusion that i'm just extremely lucky when it comes to finding amazing clothes for so cheap. I'm telling you its like i was brought on this earth to score amazing deals!! 
well thats all for now.

Also i think this song suits the mood this look gives off, it's also the inspiration for my looks title.

lykke li "sadness is a blessing"



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