Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Of '77

Jeans: Forever 21 $7   Sweater: Forever 21 $7   Shoes: Urban Outfitters $10   Bag: Swap Meet $2   Collared Blouse: DKNY (Grandmas hand me down)

So went out for a walk. Kept it casual. I love how seventies it all looks together. Quick tip cropped tops/sweaters and high waist jeans are always a good match they seem to elongate the torso. So this outfit in reality should have cost me about $78, and i purchased it for only $24 bag and shoes included. I hadn't been to the mall in over a year and this past time we went after my son elliot's doctors visit. the mall is only across from his doctors and we had some time to spare. they have a two story forever 21 with a massive clearance section. I'm talking the whole half of the 2nd floor. So in browsing threw the racks i scored these jeans and this sweater. well thats its for now.

Also one last thing i will be getting my new camera tomorrow and im heading to las vegas for the weekend. perhaps I'll make a couple videos of my trip. 

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