Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Urban Suburban

Only at the swap meet can you purchase a real suede skirt for only $1

These shoes are absolutely darling.

I couldn't have made it more obvious that the sun was obviously in my eyes in these last three photos.

A Few Adjustments.

Skirt: Wilsons $1 swap meet    Shoes: NEU 3$ swap meet   Blouse: Bitten $3 savers   Bag:Converse (hand me down from my mom)  

So with this look i kept it very minimal. The skirt is my statement piece, and i think the shoes and top compliment it extremely well. Also i added a light pop of pink on my lips. There's not one thing i hate more than an outfit thats to overdone. Sometimes things need to be left alone. "Let the outfit do the talking" The quality of the skirt is absolutely amazing its real suede and only cost me a dollar. The top i love as well the neck tie on it is extremely long but oh so fun. On another note i will be getting my camera this thursday and i promise i will post looks daily. i absolutely hate not being able to show my outfits for each day. well thats its for now i suppose.

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