Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DIY Maxi Skirt To Circle Skirt Tutorial

Step 1: Find your self an awesome skirt, mine was only a dollar at my local swap meet. I've actually had it lying in my closet for the longest. I fell in love with the fabric and print when i spotted it, and for only a dollar? Come on! it was meant to be <3 also if you can find yourself one with an a-line shape. That would of course be best any other shape will be impossible to achieve the circle shape with UNLESS you slit the sides and add fabric. hmmmm maybe that will be my next tutorial.

The awesome floral velvet print up close <3

Supplies: Pins, Needle, Thread, Measuring Tape, Marker, & Scissors.

Step 2: Measure the length from your waist until about mid-thigh.  I feel its best to take your measurement from your backside otherwise you could wind up with a skirt that flashes your bum. And we wouldn't want that now would we.
My length was 14". and i'm 5'1".

Step 3: Place measuring tape down the center of the skirt (you can see what i mean in the photo above step 2) and mark your length on both sides.

Step 4: Continue To move tape across the waist and mark the hem as you go along. Make sure your tape is straight other wise your marks will be crooked.

It Should Look Something Like This.

Step 5: Cut about 1 inch to about and 1 inch and a half below your markings this will be the extra fabric you will fold up and hem. (I like to have extra fabric just incase believe me i've cut things too short one to many times)

It Should Now Look Like This.

Step 6: Pin. Fold the skirt along the markings you made and pin in place.

Step 7: Stitch. Some of you may have sewing machines you can use, but i have to do mine the old fashion way.

And Voila!!! There you have it your very own circle skirt.
I hope you guys enjoyed my tutorial.
It is my first ever so please comment and tell me what you think.

Also about half ways threw making my tutorial my bf's uncle heard gun shots in our back yard he ran out and saw that some people had killed these baby duck's mother :/ However he was able to rescue 15 of them there was about 17 total but animals had ran off with the other two. They were so scared and they just kept crying out for their mother. This made me realize that we need to be a bit more grateful. A life can be taken away so quickly. But A poor defenseless animals even quicker.
Me And My Elliot <3


  1. That skirt is amazing , cant believe it only cost you a dollar! And awww can't believe that happened, think I would have cried :( Those baby ducks are so cute though xxx

    1. thank you :]
      yes i know, but we were able to take them to a local animal sanctuary.
      I'm now relieved knowing that they're safe <3

  2. great DIY! and props for you guys for saving the duckies!

    Glass of Fashion