Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Im To Proud For Love...

DIY Floral Crown  Dress: $7 Forever 21  Knee Highs: 99 Cents store  Leather Boots: $4 Swap Meet

Floral and Lace just scream spring. I love the way this look came together. The floral crown I made myself. It was kind of spur of the moment I had been wanting to make one for the longest and on my last trip to my swap meet I purchased all of the flowers for only $1.50. I will be posting up a DIY tutorial on how to make your very own. They're super simple and only take a couple of minutes. Also they are so worth it they literally make any outfit. I will definitely be making more and possibly hold a giveaway for one of them. So be sure to subscribe and stick around.

"Lykke Li " Little Bit


  1. The Dress and Floral Crown look so adorable! Love the photo!

    Can't believe you made it yourself! looks amazing!

    Much Love


    1. Thank you so much!! yes i made it myself and it came out so much better than expected.
      I also plan to have a giveaway for my subscriber for one i make myself ^.^

  2. Everything on this is perfect! The crown, the dress, the shoes, the socks! love it :D <3

    1. why thank you very very much :]
      i plan to have a giveaway for a floral crown creation of mine.
      so stick around for it ^.^