Monday, June 18, 2012

Nothing's Gonna Change My World...

Dress: Swap Meet $7  

Also I was nominated for the one lovely blog award.
Its kinda of a chain blog award passed on from one blogger to another.
I think its pretty awesome that a fellow blogger nominated me thanx Carmen Of "Clothes and Camera"

The Rules

1. Post the award image to your blog
2. Link the person who awarded you
3. Post 7 random things about yourself
4. Nominate other 8 relatively new blogs

7 Random Things About Me 

1. I was My Hair Once Every Three Days. :p
2. I can add up thee entire cost of my Shopping Queen Wardrobe.
3. I have a 17 month old.
4. I Cringe at anything priced over 5.99 .
5. I'm every one of my best friends on call personal stylist.
6. Wardrobe Total $336 # Of Pieces:290+
7. I love anything floral.

8 Blogs I Really Enjoy <3

4. ( Love her style and quirkiness) 
5. ( A fellow bargain shopper with a pretty cool sense of style)

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