Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hidden Alleyways

Dress: H&M (similar)  Backpack: Merona  Shoes: Vintage

It was a humid summer day. Walking along the streets of LA, my friends and I spotted a small alleyway right around the corner from this little pizza shop. It Looked completely out of place sitting right there in the heart of Downtown. The shop's located there were all closed. So it instantly became the perfect backdrop for a couple of photo's. I pranced up and down and along the the sidewalk. I felt as if I was walking down a narrow alleyway in some European country somewhere. I loved the romantic feel of the little balcony's lined with lights and flowers. The only thing that could of made it any better is if we'd of stumbled upon this little spot in the evening. It was such a cute little spot, and i definitely plan to comeback to it. I'll come sometime in the evening when the lights are shining and the romantic vibe is in full effect. 

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