Friday, July 24, 2015

Dresslink Wishlist #2

So we are in mid summer, and this California heat has been out of control. 
It's causing me to seriously want to refresh myself, as well as my wardrobe. I could seriously use some mini dresses and high rise shorts. Luckily Dresslink has hundreds to choose from. So I picked out just a few things I have my eyes set on, and decided to make a wishlist. Cause if I can't afford a new wardrobe, I can at least virtually imagine one right?

Now with Dresslink's endless variety of clothing styles, it was a bit hard to stick to a certain look. They really do have something for everyone. Now the first couple of pieces I chose are very "Urban New Age Casual Hippie", and the last couple of picks remind me of  a "Young Romantic Bohemian" Everything on the wishlist is available on Dresslink's website. So if you like anything please do check it out. I've added links under every piece to make it a bit easier for you guys.
Hope you all enjoyed my picks.

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