Saturday, March 31, 2012

Oh Sadness Im Your Girl...

Skirt: $1 Swap Meet  Sweater: 50 Cents Swap Meet  Shoes: $10 Savers  Bag: $2 Savers  Coat: Gift 

Today was a very gloomy day. So my look was a bit on the softer side. I love the monotone color palette i used. They all just go together so effortlessly.  I also have to gush over how amazing my new silk maxi skirt is. I absolutely love it and it only cost me a dollar. I know right? its hard to believe that a 100% pure silk skirt can go for just a single dollar. But its true!! I've come to the conclusion that i'm just extremely lucky when it comes to finding amazing clothes for so cheap. I'm telling you its like i was brought on this earth to score amazing deals!! 
well thats all for now.

Also i think this song suits the mood this look gives off, it's also the inspiration for my looks title.

lykke li "sadness is a blessing"


Friday, March 30, 2012

The Cardigans Love Fool

"Love me Love me Say that you Love me"

Hot Springs

Button Up: 50 Cents Swap Meet  Floral Leggings: 50 Cents Swap Meet  Bag: $2 Savers  Wedges: $10 Savers

Today went for a casual spring look. This outfit is super just wake up and throw on. These Abercrombie & Fitch leggings are the best. The have awesome stretch and they feel thick while still feeling super soft. I don't know if i'd pay retail, but for 50 cents i couldn't say no. I tried to play down the floral pattern and went for a simple white button up and neutral toned bag and shoes.
I love how it turned out.

P.S  I've been given the opportunity to come out in an online magazine in spanish. I'm going to be featured in their street style section for spring/summer looks. The issue is out April 10th. I'll post up the page once it's out. So stay posted guys.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Is For Smiles

This by far is one of my most favorite photos ever taken.

spring trending down to a science.

Top: dress converted to top  Skirt: 25 Cents SwapMeet  Bag: 50 Cents SwapMeet  Glasses: $1 SwapMeet  Scarf: 50 Cents SwapMeet  Shoes: $5 SwapMeet
(yes all of thee swap meet items were purchased from the same swap meet)

Like i've said before, I think i'm starting to begin a habit of liking every look more than the last.
This look all came together quite beautifully. I love how my look matches the bush of flowers.
These photos were taken in front of what seems to be an abandoned home. It really is a beautiful home if someone were to bring it back to life. However until that day comes i will solely use it for the purpose of photo shoots. Also i'm not sure if any of you noticed i'm actually smiling in the first photo. Yes i know!! I never thought the day would come either but it has and perhaps you'll see it more often. Now about my outfit i van't get over the fact that this amazing mustard skirt was only a quarter!!! a freakin quarter!! As unbelievable as it is you better believe it. I am the queen of bargain shopping, And from this day forward i vow to never shame my name!!! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sweet and Sophisticated

Coat: $5 Thrift  Pants:$1 Swap Meet  Bag:$2 Swap Meet Shoes:$10 Savers ButtonUp: 25 Cents YardSale

Sometimes casual and comfortable is the way to go.
love my cuffed pants and they were only 1 dollar at my local swap meet.
This look is very monotone kept it within the same color pallet.
I love the sixties shape of this jacket its absolutely adorable.
well that's it for now 

Friday, March 23, 2012

"Someday you will ache like i ache..."

"Someday you will ache like i ache"

Hole "Doll Parts"

"I Wanna Be The Girl With The Most Cake"

I am  Doll Parts.

"Doll Legs...Doll Arms"

Jacket: Boyfriend's  Dress: Swapmeet $7  BodySuit: Gift from mom  ThighHighs: $1  Bag:  Crocheted Myself
 DocMarten Boots: Borrowed  Bangle: $1 Savers 

This is absolutely one of my most favorite looks ever. I think i hit what i was going for perfectly. I wanted a 90's grunge feel, but done in a feminine young way.  This was also my most favorite set of photos for a look as well. They capture the feel so perfect girly girl slacker who's to cool for school. 
I definitely captured 90's baby doll adolescence.

Barbie Pink

 Revlon Barbie Pink Nail Polish: $5.79 CVS

Im absolutely in love with the shade of pink my nails are.
They are the perfect Barbie Pink.
They were also the inspiration for my look for today, which i will post up on look book in a few.

Thursday, March 22, 2012



this Spring

Miu Miu, Suede Pumps, £355

Poppin Pleats

Feminine Appeal

Pastel Polka Dots

Both pants above and dress below can be purchased at Forever 21 for under $25

This dress would look absolutely darling paired with the any pair of these steve madden pastel pumps.
Aren't they just to die for??

Steve Madden Spring 2012

ASOS Spring  2012 Collection

Nine West Spring 2012

ASOS Spring 2012

Bold prints And Neons.


Steve Madden $129

Though the steve madden suede platforms are a bit high priced.
these two pairs below are go jane and merely a fraction of the price .

Teal Suede Platforms available at asos $54 purchase here.
Go Jane $27

So this spring 2012 we are seeing over the top lady like clothing. All the colors, print and fabrics very reminiscent of 1960's Wall Flower. With its feminine silhouettes wrapped in cotton candy and Bubble Gum. Popping Pastels. Lady like lace. This spring is really giving us the chance to get all dolled up.
What more could a girl ask for??